Hipster Thrifting

Thrifting seems to be taking over social media. Now, thrifting is the “cool” thing to do. Which is great! I’m so happy more people are figuring out that thrifting can be magical. What I don’t like is when people think you walk into a thrift store and find perfectly polished, ready to go pieces. And, while that may be true in some cases (I’ve scored some great, like-new pieces) most of the time you have to look through the dirt and gross stained towels to find the real gems.

Soooo often people take a thrifting trip and then decide it’s not for them only because they were expecting something different than what they encountered. So, my challenge to you is, look beyond the dirt and grim. And go into it with an open mind. *Excuse me, did that just rhyme?


Sure, you might be looking for something specific on occasion but, try to go in and really look to find something unique and different. Because, 9 times out of 10, if you find it at the thrift store, you’ll have something pretty unique and that most people won’t have. And they’ll wonder where you got it. Which lets you share thrifting with your friends!


It’s a win, win, win, really.


So get out there and blaze your own quirky, unique trail you thrifter, you….



Happy thrifting!



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