Hello and welcome to my blog all about thrifting! I hope to share some thrifting tips that helps you decorate your space or make a little extra income. I enjoy thrifting, reading, fall, earl grey lattes, iced caramel lattes, road trips, traveling, and watching Netflix with my husband and pup.

I’m so excited to share fun thrifting facts and photos of things I’ve thrifted with you! Often times, when friends come over to my house, they ask where I got x, y, z and 99% of the time, I’ve gotten it from a thrift store! They beg me to take them with me the next time I go. But here’s the catch, thrifting with friends is fun but you don’t need a thrifting “expert” to find good deals and unique items.

Through this blog, I’ll show you some tips and tricks to make thrifting profitable and fun!




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