New Year’s Day Thrift


Happy New Year! Wow, 2016 was full of a lot. We helped a lot of people move, we worked on house projects, and, of course, there was a lot of thrifting involved.

Last New Year’s day, my husband and I went thrifting at our local Goodwill and found the best thing that I think I’ve ever thrifted.

There is was, just sitting in the furniture section for $49.99, waiting for me. The store was pretty empty and I had NO IDEA how now one had snatched it up yet. It is literally in perfect condition and so comfortable!

Needless to say, I stood guard and sent my husband up to the front to pay for it. In the back of my mind I just had this feeling that I would be standing there ready to take it home and someone would come to tell me that they had already bought it. But that didn’t happen and I got to take it home with me!

It sat in our kitchen for a good month because I loved it so much but I didn’t actually have anywhere to put it. We have a guest house in our backyard so we were able to store it there for the time being but wow! I still can’t believe that find.

It’s one I love and I’m so proud of.

I know it’s only day two of 2017 but, have you guys found anything exciting yet?!


Happy New Year!



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