Where do I start?


First thing’s first: Where do you start?

Thrift store shopping is fun and exciting but, if you don’t know where to start, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Let’s start with where I love to go thrifting.

Goodwill Industries is an organization that empowers their community. They focus on eliminating barriers to opportunity [read their full mission here.] To help empower communities, they have thrift stores all over the country and when you make a purchase from them, you know you’re contributing to the greater good of your community. There are so many Goodwill stores that I go to but my favorite it the one down the street from me.



I have found most of my most prized possessions there; including a beautiful grandfather clock.



The other thrift store that’s nearest to me is call Thrift Elite (Elite Thrift – I don’t honestly know).  This store is quite a bit larger and has more knick-knack type things. Think baskets, glassware, purses, decorations, etc. I have found so many good things here and a lot of DIY projects (baskets, holiday gifts – I’ll touch on those in later posts).



Once you decide where you want to go, make sure not to overlook their specials. Yes, even thrift stores have daily specials and discounts.

Goodwill has a weekly color. For example, one week, everything that has a red sticker is half off the marked price; the next week it might be a green sticker and so on. They also have a discount card – pay $5 for the card and get 10% off your purchase every time you shop; lets just say I get my money back from the card on the first purchase. 😉

Elite Thrift has daily/weekly specials. Every Sunday is half off everything except their current colors (each week they have their current colors hanging on a board). It might sound complicated but usually stores that have more than one sale day have a cheat sheet you can scan before you shop.

When you go in, be sure to ask what sales they’re running that day or week. When you go once or twice, you’ll get the hang of it.

Generally, I don’t leave the thrift store empty handed. I’m either buying something for myself or something to resell. There’s a big difference in the two and, once you’re a regular, you’ll be able to tell the difference in a second. Stick around because I’ll touch on that post in a few weeks.

Now that you have a few tips on where I shop and the sales I look for, do a little Google research and find thrift stores near you. And remember, all thrift stores are not equal. Some are “nicer” and considered “vintage” stores and because of that, prices may be a little higher. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find amazing things but, if on your first visit prices seem too high, don’t give up looking for other stores because they are all different and a hidden gem could be just around the corner.


Good luck and happy thrifting!



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